Lesante Hotel is located in the center of Ayvalık, the pearl of the North Aegean; It was built in 1914 and served as a mansion (Coral Mansion) where government officials were hosted for many years during the Greek period. The hotel, which has all the features of Aegean Greek architecture, has been restored in accordance with its original historical texture and preserved. It is 20 meters from the sea, adjacent to coastal restaurants and cafes, 10 minutes by car from Cunda and Sarımsaklı. It is possible to reach all public transportation vehicles from the main street in front of the hotel. We are waiting for you, our dear guests, to get the peace you are looking for, the holiday pleasure you are waiting for, the feeling of history that will fascinate you by taking you from the present and taking you to the past; We are waiting for Lesante Hotel on your Ayvalık trip